For over 10 years, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has consistently ranked Uganda among the top 10 African destinations for hosting international meetings and conferences. ICCA represents the world’s leading suppliers in handling, transporting and accommodating international meetings, conferences and events.

Uganda at a Glance


Multicultural Diversity

According to a scientific study, Uganda is the most ethnically mixed country on the planet (Blake, 2015). Uganda is home to over 40 different indigenous ethnic groups.


Pleasant climate

Being crossed by the Equator, Uganda's climate is mitigated by an altitude of 900 to 1800m, with temperatures between 16-28°C for most of the year. Uganda enjoys tropical weather, perfect all year round.


Safety & Security

Kampala, the capital city is one of the safest cities in Africa and over 99% of the tourists come and leave the country without any problem.


Online Visa Process

Processing a visa to Uganda is so easy as you can do that in advance right at your home coach. The team at the immigration office will help you process your visa seamlessly.



Uganda has a number of world class conference facilities to host Leading Meetings & international conferences with 3 - 5 Star capability. See list of Uganda Convention Bureau partner venues.


Strategic Location

Uganda is bordered by South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This land linked position, gives Uganda a strategic commanding base for regional trade and investment.


Wild Life

Uganda is home to an impressive range of wildlife: over 1,000 species of bird, forest primates like chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, big game animals like Lions, Antelopes, Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos, Crocodiles etc.



Ugandans are remarkably very hospitable people and hail from a diversity of rich cultures and lifestyles with each tribe having its own distinct cultural values that describe who they are.



Uganda offers a wide range of destinations and multi-use infrastructures, which fully adapt to meetings, conferences and events planners’ various needs.