We Collaborate to Ensure your Event is a Success

Experienced Meetings, Conferences and Events Planners make well-informed decisions that are backed by a reliable partner. Thus, with the team at Uganda Conventional Bureau (UCB), you have the guidance of experienced professionals who provide you with all the support you need to run a successful event in Uganda. Our clients are an integral part of the planning and execution process.

Uganda Convention Bureau (UCB) works with a range of strategic partners and industry affiliations to secure and deliver exceptionally successful events. All events held in Uganda have the full support of the UCB and its partners.

Today the success of an event does depend on technology. For this reason, many planners are ready to invest a significant part of their time and event budget on coordinating suppliers and introducing event tech into their meetings, conferences and/ or events. We understand the nitty- gritty for executing successful functions and we extend all our experiences towards the success of our clients’ events, meetings and conferences.

Advantages of Collaborating with UCB

Provide the best expertise

We collaborate with experts in different event niches and we work together to provide better solutions.

Save time

Event organisers will not have to spend a lot of time trying to find the best players in different areas. This means more hours for event planning and organisation.

Reduce the workload

UCB will be able to help busy event planners coordinate, implement and oversee the processes related to the event tech integration.

Save money

Working together allows event organisers to offer services for a better price. Reduced workload means more can be spent on other important tasks.

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