Entebbe is a small quiet town located on a peninsula of the shores of Lake Victoria in central Uganda, 21 miles (34 km) south of Kampala city, the capital of Uganda. It is characterized by a charming town center and is a haven of tranquility. Its elevation (3,760 feet -1,146 meters above sea level) gives it a perpetually moderate summer climate.

The word Entebbe means ‘seat or chair’ in the Luganda language. It was named this because that was where the Baganda chief sat to arbitrate legal cases in the early 1900s. It is the location of State House, the official office and residence of the President of Uganda, which dictates that Entebbe is the chief seat of power in the country.

Entebbe is the main point of entry into Uganda for international arrivals, renowned for the country’s largest commercial and military airport – Entebbe International Airport. The four-lane Entebbe-Kampala Expressway or Highway is the fastest road link between the two cities.

Entebbe is one of the most pleasant towns in Uganda famous for its parks, beaches, islands and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (formerly the National Zoo). It is the location of the oldest golf course in East Africa – Entebbe Golf Club which was established in 1900.

Being the gateway for international flights into Uganda, Entebbe offers a good choice of large hotels and guesthouses – catering to both business and leisure visitors.

The Entebbe Zoo
The Entebbe Golf Course, established in 1990
State House Entebbe

Hotels and meeting venues in Entebbe

Things To Do in Entebbe


Entebbe is an exciting city for shoppers as everything you may need is readily available. Clothings, groceries, electronics, households, gifts
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Sport Fishing

Uganda is home to the largest fresh water fish in Africa – the Nile Perch. Entebbe provides one of the best and most organized fishing areas in Uganda
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Boat Cruise

Entebbe has one of the oldest sailing clubs in Uganda. Book a dhow looking boat and float out into lake victoria
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Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo)

The zoo is home to a variety of animals including the lions, crocodiles, hippos, chimpanzees, monkeys, various snake varieties and bird species.
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A day at the Beach

Clean, beautiful white-sand, celestial sunrises, remarkable rare birds are but a few of the treats that await you while at the beach in Uganda.
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Botanical Gardens

These gardens were founded around 1901. The gardens are a popular hangout place for tourists who want a quiet place for relaxation and experiencing nature.

Uganda Reptile Village

Are you fascinated with reptiles? The reptile sanctuary takes care of all kinds of reptiles including crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, lizards, chameleons & snake

Restaurants & Bars

If you want to taste some of Uganda’s local dishes as well as international ones, there are a variety of restaurants & bars that offer outstanding cuisines
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